RTB4FREE: Reach your audience

Welcome to the RTB4FREE documentation hub. Here you can find the online manual and living documentation repository for RTB4FREE, the leading digital advertising platform for businesses who want to reach their audience on the open web.

Living manual
Documentation is updated in the same manner as code - and a build is made for each version of RTB4FREE. You can easily view current and previous versions of documentation from this website.
International first
While the english language version of the documentation is the reference version, other languages are available as well. Our documentation is hosted in Github along with all other parts of our codebase - so you can update the doc in your favorite language and submit a pull request to keep it current.
Free and open source
The documentation is built like our software - community driven, open source, free for all to view.

Getting Started With RTB4FREE

If you are new to RTB4FREE, the first thing you will probably want to do is demo the platform to see if it is right for your needs. While RTB4FREE is a fully functional platform capable of handling advertising on a massive scale, it is also simple to install for demo purposes.

Follow the instructions below to quickly get started:

User Documentation